Friday, August 08, 2008

Metro Sales

The Metro Sales is here once again at Expo (Hall 5) from 7 Aug to 10 Aug 08, 11 am to 10 pm.

For sales of this gigantic scale being held at Expo, it is always better to come early, even better to come on the first day and BEST to come during the early hours on the first day to catch the best deals before these are grabbed by others!

I had the golden opportunity to visit the sales this afternoon on the first day of the sales. Imagine the uncluttered visits to the hundreds of booths, seamless travel in and out of and maneouvring in the hall and the use of the make-shift fitting rooms without any queing at all that I am entitled to. It is no imagination, it was the real fact! I was also able to grab the freshest and best deals available!

To check on upcoming events happening at Expo and plan early to catch the best deals or offers, be sure to check out this Expo Website.

Have fun shopping!

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