Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Let it off ...

No matter how hard one tries, we cannot have everyone liking us, there would be always people who do not like us, even though we have not done anything untoward to them or have forgiven them for misdeeds they have perpetuated.

In my course of work, I still have colleagues who do not like me even though we can have daily friendly conversations. They still bore a grudge towards me as I have chastised them for their lazy work attitude before. They bored this grudge till today, refusing to let the grudge heal.

I let it pass. I do not expect everyone to like me. I do not feel terrible knowing others do not like me, but I feel terrible for them as I know how terrible it must have been on their part to hate someone, to bear a grudge for years; it takes so much of an effort and one’s health to hate someone.

I do not treat people who I know hate me for scolding them as different from others because I have forgiven them in their hearts. Conversely, I find it sad that that they choose to focus on some small grudges and not the bigger picture of life.

Life is big, to all those who have been bearing grudges towards others, it is time to let them go.

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