Monday, August 18, 2008

Best Curry Chicken Noodles in Singapore

If you want to savour the best curry chicken noodles in Singapore, I STRONGLY recommend you to visit the curry chicken noodles stall in Albert Centre Market (at this point of writing, it is closed for Hawker Centre Upgrading, but nevertheless you can find its temporary premise just next to Rocher Centre).

Everytime I go there to eat, I forget to take a look at the name of the stall, but it is easy to find the stall as it is the ‘most outside’ stall facing the direction of Bugis MRT station and if you are still lost, the few pictures of Bryan Wong and other stars in past TV ‘food-tainment’ shows will ensure that you get the stall correct.

There is one other curry chicken noodle stall in the market which I have yet to try it out but the one which I highly recommended gives very rich and yummy red boiling hot curry, with a generous dosage of fishcakes, bean sprouts, ‘dau-gi’ and chicken meat and one can have a choice of noodles to accompany the dish… all for a value price of $3 !

Sound tempting rite? Sound hungry? Then come on down to the stall. I am not paid to do this free advertisement but I just want to share with all of you food buffs on the most delicious food one can find in Singapore.

Will be looking out for more good foodies, stay tuned!

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