Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The TAO of Competition

Singapore has placed high hopes on this year’s contingent of athletes headed for the Beijing Olympics, in its bid to end the country’s medal drought since 1968.

The hope for a medal (be it Gold, Silver or Bronze) is skewed towards athletes Tao Li and Li Jiawei, who are local and regional powerhouses in Swimming and Table Tennis respectively.

Both are born Chinese (China Chinese) but have since become Singaporeans.

When Tao Li broke the Asia’s swimming record in the event on Sunday, local news touted her as the most anticipated player to bring in a medal for Singapore, but alas this was not to be realised for yesterday, she came in 5th in the swimming finals.

Though she was placed 5th, it was the best showing by a Singaporean player in the Olympics swimming team. Singaporeans applaud her results, I hope.

Now, we have to rely on naturalised players like Li Jiawei to carry home a medal for our country. But Li and her team faced a difficult start, beginning the pre-finals with heavy-weight opponents

I personally find that it is extremely difficult to land a medal for Singapore because our best hopes might have been gone … …

Competitions are unlike practices. In practices, one can be immaculate, spotless,perfect but when come to competitions, there can be silly blunders made and that can be very very costly. That could be due to pressure or luck..

I have personally experienced this fact today for a technical test. I was shocked to fail the test as I made a real silly blunder or mistake in an aspect of the test which should never be perpetuated and tolerated as in practices (dozens after dozens), I was perfect in that arena.

And I must tell you that it is not about being nervousness or lack of confidence, being through so many tests of all genres, I have lost the nervousness of starting a test. It has to do with being luck or the lack of it (unlucky). I simply have no luck today and have committed a rather costly blunder as I have to foot out another few hundreds bucks for a retest.

It is also a stupid mistake which I regret very much. Rather than crying over split milk, it is time to evaluate what went wrong.

Though I could not extricate myself for making the mistake, there is still an element of luck factor which one requires in tests.

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