Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Do you love your work?

It is paramount that we ask ourselves what do we want out of work.

Is it Stability? Continuous learning? Challenges? Nice boss? Money? Work Life Balance? or Love of job nature?

In my opinion, it is extremely difficult for one to land a job which would provide all the above-mentioned traits unless one is blessed enough to make a career and fortune from his own hobby; his passion.

Seeing my colleagues in their late thirties and early forties stuck in jobs that are essentially wasting their invaluable time is worrying, definitely I do not want to be like them.

At their ages, coupled with families, venturing out into the unknowns, into another career they would like to experiment comes with unforeseen risks. Do they want to risk their security, stability and of their families and trade them with the unknowns?

Thus many of them stay put, in their occupations, doing something they do not really like, wasting their invaluable time as they do nothing meaningful every working day ….

Taking a leaf from their books, I certainly not wish to be in their shoes. Life is made up of 80% work (in terms of time), if one find work meaningless and unenjoyable, we can imagine the quality of their life as well.

I really need to work even harder, did not want to fall into a ‘catch-22’ scenario like what my colleagues found themselves fallen into.

One needs to constantly develop his competencies and life-long learning is key.

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