Sunday, August 17, 2008

National Day Rally 2008

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong would deliver his National Day Rally 2008, tonight at 1830 hrs at the National University of Singapore University Cultural Centre.

The Rally is the most important speech by the Prime Minister for Singapore as it is in the speech, that some up and coming plans for Singaporeans would be shed.

The Rally would be attended by ministers, members of parliaments, key government officers, civil servants, businessmen, student leaders, grassroots, community and union leaders, underscoring the paramount importance of the Rally.

Many Singaporeans believe that on the list of pointers in PM's message, would be some carrots to boost the dwinding birth rate of Singapore and some sharing of Singapore's economy in the immediate years and its implications for Singaporeans.

Tonight would be an exciting night; many Singaporeans would be at home, glued to their TVs to watch the Singapore Women Table Tennis team's bid to create history for Singapore's sports with their attempt to capture our first Olympic Gold and to watch PM Lee deliver his speech to be the first to know the important policies which would be on the cards that would affect all (Singaporeans) and sundry.

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