Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dr. Ooi Ban Leong

I was shocked to read today's news that a NUS Associate Professor Dr.
Ooi Ban Leong was knocked down by a truck while crossing a road in Clementi on his way home after work. Dr Ooi passed away at the scene from the accident from severe head injuries.

Its a pity..... a bright, promising young spark, a very talented researcher, who could have contributed even more to the world with his expertise in Microwave technology has passed on.

Dr Ooi was one of my lecturers during my studies in NUS. He was an approachable man with students and this fact was also reported in today's Straits Time, not surprisingly.

This sad incident followed on the heel of another traffic accident which claimed the life of a woman and her husband just few days ago. The couple were waiting at a traffic junction to cross the road when a car came veering towards them, killed the woman and injured her husband.

The road habits of drivers here in Singapore are getting worse and worse. I could practically encounter impatient drivers everywhere in Singapore. I was also almost killed on the first day of Chinese New Year this year by a taxi!

Thus when one crosses the road using proper crossings, one should nevertheless still double check on any oncoming vehicle; some drivers just do not care at all about the safety of others until too late.

When precious lives are lost through a blunder or recklessness of another, it is a real pity! No amount of sorry or remorsefulness from the errant driver could bring the dead victim alive!

Drivers, please drive carefully. Pedestrians, have another check before crossing the road.

Lives are too precious to be lost through a traffic accident.

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