Sunday, August 24, 2008

Singapore Bay Run

After the gruelling run
Passing the Grand Flyer

Starting of race

Never mind that I had slept around 0100 hours yesterday night after viewing ‘live’ ’the spectacular fireworks display, and not having the ‘7 hours of sleep’ that SAF inculcated in me and similar NSF men during NS; never mind the midnight rain which has lent the weather a chilly cold, this morning at 0600 hours sharp, I was up and ready to take to the roads and bridge (Sheares Bridge) in the annual Singapore’s Bay Run 2008.

I was raring to go! I donned on my sporting attire, had some drinks and bread and off I went to take the MRT to city hall.

Along the train journey, many similar ‘heroes’ entered the train, decked in their sporting gear, wearing the official Singapore Bay Run 2008 attire.

By the time I reached the starting point of the 10 km race at 7.20 am, what greeted me was a sea of runners, in a mind–boggling of outfits. Soon at 7.30 am, the race commenced and I ran in the non-competitive 10km run.

I brought my camera with me and before the race, halfway the race and at the finishing of the race, I had captured on photo and video for posterity, many snapshots of the race.

During the start of the race, many and I could not stand the high humidity of the weather as it rained the night before. But alas, the weather this morning was serendipitous (though it rained in the afternoon, right now, island wide). The run was well-organized and I ran at a slow, steady and leisure pace, taking in the grand sights of the Singapore Flyer, Sheares Bridge and the many interesting performance en-route the finishing point.

What was most outstanding and touching was perhaps the sight of a male runner pushing a wheel-chair which sat a lady (not sure their relations, his wife, maybe) with deformed legs. The male runner ran the whole 10 km route, nudging his charge along, and he made it within a decent timing, much faster than some of the runners!

The Sheares Bridge run is an event I will not miss or try not to miss every year…. It is an event where mind rules over one’s body, where adrenalin comes rushing out and nourishing one’s body, where Singaporeans can run on the busy roads of CBD and on the Sheares Bridge legally, where we all pay homage to the great bridge overlooking the busy CBD and the up and coming Integrated Resorts like a decades old guardian.

After saying so much, it will not bear justice to you readers if I do not share with you on the videos of this great running event of the year, here they are:

Video 1

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