Saturday, August 23, 2008

Swan Song

Singapore bowed out of the Olympics as its peddler, Li Jia Wei, aged 27 failed to clinch the bronze medal for herself, and for Singapore, as her nemesis, world No.2 Guo Yue, aged 20 tamed her, with little effort.

This could be Li’s swan song… as she broke news that this Olympics would most likely be her last. Newspapers today are awash with photographs of her crying sadly.

She had done her best but in terms of capability, there is still a wide rift between her and the top 3 China players.

In this Olympics games, Singaporeans have seen the prowess of our young and uprising table tennis star, Feng Tian Wei as she locked in a tight game with the world No.1 Zhang Yi Ning, losing out by only a slight margin. There is immense potential in her still and Singapore’s table tennis fraternity still have hope of producing a medallist 4 years down the road in Australia.

After watching the dismal Bronze medal game between Li and Guo on TV, I continued to watch the Gold medal face-off between Zhang Yi Ning and Wang Nan (the former Olympics Champion in year 2000) and I witnessed the fastest and most impressing table tennis match played on mother earth.

Wang Nan played well though she was 29 years of age, defeating Zhang in the first set of game. But alas, age caught up on her and she lost to a more versatile and younger player.

Age can cap the limit in sports and for sportsmen, their profession.

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