Tuesday, August 19, 2008

News n more

Two young female news anchor… one helming the TV 8 Chinese news bulletin, the other, a relatively new TCS artiste who was roped in to co-host the Olympics special… the former, Ms Huang Shuang Xi was reported to bat a housefly on national TV while reporting the news; the latter, Ms Jade Seah uttered the ‘F’ word when the video to be streamed on the bulletin encountered some jitters ….

Both were caught red-handed by hundreds pairs of eyes and the incident occurred soon after another within a short span. It made me ponder on the quality of news broadcast in Singapore… have our standards fallen? or these are just some real-time streaming of what constitute the social graces of normal Singaporeans.

With the advent of technology, their ‘misdeeds’ became legacies through netizens who put one of their blunders on Youtube for posterity. Video for Ms Jade’s ‘F’ word.

It was no wonder that PM Lee made the impact of the internet on our society as one of his theme for last Sunday’s National Day Rally. Singaporeans collectively must know how to manage the internet as a society else the internet will affect our society adversely.

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