Friday, August 01, 2008


8th August 2008, (080808), a beautiful date which comes only once in a lifetime is a special day for many.

It is the best date to get hitched for romantic couples including Chinese couples-to-be who are not deterred by the fact that this date falls in the Chinese Lunar 7th month.

It is a date Chinese the world over have a reason to be proud: China’s first-ever hosting of the Olympics!

It is the day before our country’s big day (the National Day)!

This date also marks a significant (and hopefully better) milestone in my career!

And to give more valid reasons to make this special date even more special and meaningful, the Singapore Pools is having a special draw on this date with a whopping draw amount of $8 million!

Wow, sound exciting! It might have lured a non-believer of TOTO like me to have a bite at the tempting TOTO cherry but I would not want to buy a super-TOTO ticket like on this date because I reckon the following:

a) winners of such super draws would be definitely more than one, thus each winner’s taking would hinge on the number of simultaneous winners. For such draws, the average number of simultaneous winners averages around 8 to 11, thus each winner would finally take home an amount less than or slightly more than a million, which could be even less than that in a normal draw (provided he wins in one).

b) with the increased prize amount, punters put in more and coupled with the factor outlined in a), the return of investment (ROI) for such draws is far lesser than for a normal draw.

Despites the low ROI, if one can win at least something on this special date, it is really a special moment to celebrate, this would be the other school of thought: better than nothing.


Charles said...

Is this a lucky day in short? What does 888 represents in the chinese culture.

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Anonymous said...

8 in chinese sounds lik 'fa', it means 'strike' as in strike a winning, gold or money!!

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