Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Singapore Demonstrator

Singaporeans could have a spot, right in the heart of the city for demonstrations, if what Mr. Lee said in his rally were to bear fruit.

Mr. Lee has proposed to utilize the Speaker’s Corner in Hong Lim Park for Singaporeans to stage demonstrations too, if they want and this ‘demonstration corner’ would be managed by NParks (National Park Board).

Demonstrators-to-be could apply for permits to stage their demonstration, and in a bid to jump onto the internet bandwagon, PM Lee has asked the relevant authorities to look into implementing electronic applications for such permits.

Sound like a misnomer to have a demonstrations which are systematically planned and carried out, but the setting up of such a ‘demonstration corner’is another defining moment for Singapore to open up new venues of self-expression.

Such demonstrations should nevertheless stay away from the sensitive topics on race and religion. Who would be the 1st Singapore Demonstrator (not idol)?

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