Sunday, August 24, 2008

Singapore’s Fireworks Celebrations 2008

Thousands of Singapore thronged Marina Bay last night for a glimpse of the spectacular fireworks display by the Koreans.

Yesterday night was the second and last night of two which capped the Singapore Fireworks Celebrations 2008 held in conjunction with our National Day celebrations. Friday’s fireworks display was by France.

Singaporeans are really fireworks lover and are lapping up every opportunity to catch fireworks for free during public holidays like the Chinese New Year, National Day, and New Year Day!

For the viewing of the Fireworks celebrations, tickets were sold for seats in the floating platform to view the fireworks displays which were the finale for a series of performance gigs at the floating platform. Tickets were sold at $18 each.

With these things called fireworks to be showcased on a large expanse of performing area called sky, the viewing of fireworks display is not limited to only those who have paid for seats in the floating platform. Singaporeans know that, and thus they flocked in droves, I was there with my dear girlfriend around 8pm, and the whole of Marina Bay was simply packed like sardines, with hardly area for breathing!

Umbrellas went up as it rained but fortunately when the fireworks came slightly after the official time of 9pm, cameras and camera phones went up instead to capture the captivating, stunning, marvellous, absolutely wonderful array of fireworks displays.

The beauty of the fireworks displays could not be captured by a camera as the fireworks were or myriad of forms and everchanging, thus the best I could do was to ‘video’ the fireworks throughout its duration of almost 15 minutes!

When the fireworks were over, the crowds of Singaporeans quickly dispersed. There were huge jam of human beings from the Esplanade to City Hall and Marina Square.

Kudos to the police who were on standby, they ensure a safe viewing and a safe trip home sweet home for the fervent Singaporeans who have turned up despites the rain to catch one of the most spectacular fireworks in Singapore, ever.

I would be attaching all the video clips of what I had captured for you readers in this blog. At this time of writing, I have only uploaded the following videos

video 1

video 2

For the rest of the videos, appreciate you can come back to this website to enjoy once I uploaded them onto Youtube.


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