Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Food Glorius Food

Anyone who has eaten at the hawker centre opposite Fu Lu Shou complex in Rocher area would have agreed with me wholeheartedly that the food sold at its scores of food stalls give customers superb value for their money.

Some months back, this great hawker centre was barricaded as works to upgrade it under the Hawker Centres Upgrading Programme (HUP) by the National Environment Agency (NEA) commenced.

I have thought that I have then lost this last food paradise in Singapore for some months before the new refurnished centre reopens

But I was wrong: last Saturday, I had inadvertently found that the food stalls in the hawker centre have merely temporarily shifted to a make-shift food centre next to the road just aside Rocher Centre before the refurnished food centre is up.

For just $2, one can savour yummy dishes.. and eat like a King under $10 !

There are some durian sellers at a stall by the roadside opposite the make-shift food centre too. This, together with the make-shift food centre gave me a surreal feeling that I was eating at one of the many food stalls in Malaysia as I dined there.

This feeling of eating at rural Malaysia at this particular make-shift hawker centre is particularly poignant at night.

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