Monday, August 18, 2008

OB markers

I witnessed an interesting commotion this morning as I was riding up the escalator towards the MRT platform.

Halfway through the ride, many passengers and I were confounded by loud shouts emanating from one side of the platform.

As we finally reached the platform, we soon realised the shouts came from a dutiful middle-aged male SMRT officer, who issued warnings from one end of the platform to a caucasian male on the other end who had waited for the MRT at a spot beyond the yellow marker on the platform floor; a train was fast approaching then.

Many passengers were bemused as the loud warnings practically filled the whole platform and it was evident that the other passengers could hear the warnings, in fact all on the platform, as they turned to glance at the officer, all except the caucasian himself who was still in a world of his own, unperturbed by all the cacophony he has unwittingly generated.

Seeing the nonchalance of the caucasian, the officer had no choice but to rush towards the caucasian and pushed him away from the yellow marker just before the train came. The caucasian was perturbed and seemed deviant, questioning the officer on his action.

The caucasian still could not get it.

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