Saturday, August 09, 2008

China’s Olympics

At this point of writing, the whole world has witnessed the spectacular, magical, dazzling, fantastic, wonderful and sparkling opening ceremony of China’s Olympics on 8 Aug 08.

It was indeed a proud moment for China to host this grand event on this special date 080808 which comes just once in a thousand years! ‘8’ is pronounced as ‘ba’ in Chinese, which also rhythms with ‘fa’ in some Chinese dialects, which means strike (strike prosperity, money, wealth etc).

Thus it is an uncannily fitting date for China to host this great event on this date. When the Olympics cauldron was lighted up, signifying the end of the successful ceremony and the commencement of the games, it is indeed a proud moment for all Chinese worldwide!

It is not plain smoothing for China on its route to organize the games. There were critics on its polluted skies, protests against China’s human rights issue, sporadic of terrorit acts and the devastating Sichuan earthquake which wiped off tens of thousands of civilians.

At this time of writing, one terrorist act has been perpetuated on day 1 of the games: an American was murdered in Beijing. Though the world cannot stop terrorism, I am confident that China can contain and counter such immoral acts before they actually occur.

China is becoming a world player, its might cannot be underestimated. China is poised to become world No. 1 superpower in 10 to 20 years.

China may be only be strong in the years to come, its 5000 years of civilisations with the dozens of dynasties has imparted to the world supreme knowledge in different arenas: technology, medical, ethnics, arts and many more.

Gavin Menzies even went so far to claim that China discovered America and sparked the Italian Renaissance.

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