Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Singapore’s Cupid

If there is one message Singaporeans brought home from the National Day Rally, it would be that our country needs babies, more of them, and in the soonest possible time.

Yes indeed, the topic of procreation by Singaporeans for Singapore hogged the limelight in this year’s rally. A slew of measures would be implemented soon, as the rally unveiled, to prop up the dismal birth rate of Singaporeans, currently standing at 1.3, way too low for the fertility replacement rate of 2.1.

PM threw up proposals during the rally, to name a few, the merger of SDU and SDS; parental-assisted matchmaking; more child-care leaves for parents and the financial subsidy for couples seeking IVF.

What PM had mentioned in his rally on the predicament of singles in not meeting their soul mates did ring a bell to me: some singles do not go out to expose themselves to the opposite gender enough, some have no free time, some have time but too lazy or concerned to change their way of life, some have no confidence in relationship, some adopt a ‘wait and see’ attitude and others are simply nonchalant or clueless.

I belong to neither of the above fraternities … I actively sought love in the past for a few years, was sorely disappointed but now I am happily attached.

One reason why singles are not hitching or actively looking for their dates could boil down to one word ‘expectation’.

Personally, I have been to many SDU functions, met and dated a number of SDU gals but finally all these dates led to no bearing of fruits simply because I could not meet the expectations of some ladies or vice versa, some ladies did not meet my expectations.

I could dwell at length on what constitute ‘expectations’ and chalk up a long list of pointers listing all attributes which single need or want in their other half. Common expectations cited belong to parameters like character, physical appeal, status, chemistry, education, wealth and common interests.

Alas for me, just as I felt despondent above seeking for love, I met a nice angel outside of the SDU circle in one of my external activities, which I participated. We have seen met each other’s family and are planning for marriage next year.

Marriage is a sacred affair between two, a lifelong affair between two, and an everlasting commitment, thus I could share the view of singles to find the ‘most ideal’ or best partner for him or her but such search could be for many years.

I encourage all singles to broaden their social circles, take part in more activities outside of home when free and you could like me, be able to find your compatible soul mate in time to come!

Most importantly, singles should date, marry, give birth and enjoy parenthood first for themselves, then for Singapore.

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