Thursday, August 21, 2008

First Job

Few people can boost of staying in one particular job these days, gone are such days whereby one stay in his first job till the end of his retirement…..though I do know of a handful of people whose first job is also their last.

‘A job for life’ has been replaced by ‘a life of jobs’ and the hallmark of one’s career in this century is marked by the changing of jobs over few years. In this era, it is all about developing different competencies, which will add to your career capital that will add the ‘oomp’ factor in your resume.

It is paramount that one needs to develop one’s competencies, learn different skills, make himself marketable in this age. It is all about learning, retraining in this knowledge-based economy.

The modern world is also one without borders, it stands one in good stead if one is equipped with working experience outside his own country. An increasing number of companies are looking for people with transnational and international experience, who have traveled and understood the world, to assume positions within their companies.

The modern world is also one without security. Mergers and acquisitions have put paid to the belief that one is a master of his own career as one can be given the sack anytime.

Nevertheless, if one is always prepared for changes and have always been developing his skills and marketability, it is no cause for alarm.

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