Thursday, August 21, 2008

Class 3

(continued from Part 1 on 20 Aug 08)

There is no expiry date upon passing the BTT but for the FTT, passing comes with a two-year validity period. The prerequisite for taking the traffic police test (TPT) is a valid FTT passing record, thus one needs to ‘clear’ the FTT and to ensure the record is still valid before taking the TPT.

Driving practical lessons in Singapore, are by far not cheap. Basically, there are both private and public players in Singapore offering such lessons with the bigger players being the Comfort Driving Centre, Singapore Safety Driving Centre and a host of smaller private companies which charge cheaper rates.

For beginners, the choice of schools between the private schools and the public schools such as Comfort Driving Centre and Singapore Safety Driving Centre is almost a baffling one. For Singaporeans looking for cheaper learning rates, private schools are usually especially alluring; however public schools with their structured curriculum are rated more highly among Singaporeans who value a pass at the practical driving test ‘asap’ over the higher rates they need to pay for the lessons.

‘Packaging’ of business is now the buzzword for businesses and for the public schools, they have already jumped on this bandwagon by bundling practical lessons with E-tutorials for BTT and FTT and having a system whereby the learners can choose a fixed instructor and a car for their driving lessons (no doubt at a higher price).


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