Monday, August 25, 2008

Han Zi Peng

At last, I managed to track down the famous Hum Ann Pang Han Zi Peng stall in Maxwell Food Centre!

I have paid homage to the stall on the very few occasions I passed the popular stall but the stall seemed to have no chemistry with me on all of these occassions as it did not open on each of these visits.
Last Saturday, while passing by Maxwell Food Centre with my girlfriend, we saw that the stall was open for business!

After gulping down plates of chicken rice, we went to order the Han Zi Peng snacks from this stall. Han Zi Pengs are sold at an incredibly low price of 6 for just $1 !

The old boss of this stall always make appearances on TV shows featuring great food. The old man was always as usual, busy kneading the dough, with his back severly lowered, making an acute angle with his normal spine.
My girlfriend and I shared in the fun of frying the dough in the hot pan of boiling oil. Cooking of the dough by customers in the hot and boiling oil is the trademark of this decades-old stall.We ordered 6 sweet tau sar (red bean) and 6 salty.
The tau sar Han Zi Peng were really nice, with the sweet filling stuffed inside the flour occupying 90% of the interior of the hollow inside the Ha Zi Peng unlike those sold by other stalls whereby the proportion may be less than 50%.

For the salty Han Zi Peng, these were a tad salty for comfort, thus we prefer the sweet Han Zi Peng by this stall.

Pictures can tell a thousand words, so the above were some pictures of these great snacks we took.

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