Friday, October 17, 2008

Time really really flies !

I looked through the entries made in my diaries for the past two years and I could not believe it ... ... time really flies!

Memories of those events, I penned down in my diaries, came flashing to my mind, as fresh as yesterday's events and I could not believe it! a year or two has just passed like that!

And it seems just few days away that I ushered in year 2008 and here we are: nearing the end of the year!

I watched the news just moments ago and came to know of a 20-year sentence dished out to a man who had tried to escape from custody at the court one or two months back. Imagine 20 years of the time being spent in confinement behind bars! He was also bundled off to jail with 24 strokes of the cane for other heinous offences.

Imagine 20 years of precious time being spent in jail! Say, an average Singaporean lives to 75 years of age, after deducting 20 years, the man soon to be packed off to jail, will have in effect, 55 years outside jail. With everyone spending a third of life sleeping, that would amount to the man having only 36 years on earth, with time at his own disposal.. but it may seems still long as compared to someone who passed on due to some unfortunate incidents.

Time is too precious to be wasted! Quality of our time spent is also important.


eastcoastlife said...

20 years wasted in jail. Maybe the authority should make me do something useful while in there.

Hey, I was reading through your posts and find you blog a good read with content.

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Bengbeng said...

i agree with ECL. u have real content in yr blog.about imprisonment n behind bars, it acts as a deterrent as without authority or punishment, the whole justice system would collapse.

Singapore Short Stories said...

Thanks EastCoastLife and Beng Beng, for your comments!

I love to blog and love to read award-winning blogs like yours.

My blog is very simple and ordinary,just hope readers who chanced upon my blog love the contents in it as I love to share too!

Thanks for your invitation!

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