Monday, October 27, 2008

melancholy ....

Meclancholy sets in today for me.

The economic crisis does have some impact on me, but there are also some little problems here and there in my life that needs a little tweaking.

Life is not a bed of rose, and in this difficult time, one may feel slightly gloomier.

Read on the newspaper yesterday, on a graduation ceremony of West Coast University (WCU) which was graced by MP for Joo Chiat constituency, Mr Chan Soo Sen.

Mr Chan Soo Sen explained in the newspapers that he was not aware that WCU was not an accreditted university and he had responded to this invitation via a GRL.

I pity those graduands from WCU who might not be aware that it was not really accredited. Imagine spending some thousands of dollars and efforts to obtain a certificate from a university deemed to be not worthy of recognition.

Worse still, now that it was reported in the newspapers, a joyous graduation for the graduates of WCU may become the beginning of the reckoning of the true worth of their certificate.

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