Monday, October 13, 2008


"The sweetest word to anyone is his name."

I attended a workshop recently, in which a segment requires the participants to praise each other using just 3 sentences.

A majority of the participants were speechless when it comes to the execution of the exercise and when the words finally came after some time, they came out quite unnaturally.

It seems that we seldom praise one another, our friends and our loved one. Do we fall short of affirming others? If so, is it due to our more conservative Asian society as compared to the West where the people are more open in showing affection and affirmation?

I do believe though Asians may not be as open as the West in displaying affection and affirmation to their loved ones; they express love and affirmation in other subtle ways, through acts like fillai piety to parents, loyalty to friends and other time-honored and timeless Asian virtues.

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