Sunday, October 12, 2008

Youths and Current Affairs

The effects of the global economic fallout are insidious and the repercussions are just starting to gain momentum here in Singapore and the effects are, at this point in time, not felt that signficantly by the common Singaporeans, I believe; though they have seen the need to be prudent about their spending.

What worries me is the future leaders of Singapore: our youth. These two weekends, I had gone to shopping centres in the shopping belts of the city and orchard road and guess what I saw: youths splurging money on the latest fashion paraphernalia, IT gadgets, premium restaurants and other newfangled devices, like no tomorrow.

I am not sure whether our youths know what is happening in the world at this moment now! Are they still closeted in their own cyberworlds, nonchalent to the current affairs of the world? Most of them are spending their parents’ money thus they may not see the direct effects of a waning economy.

Is this the nadir of global economy ever since the Great Depression? Our government has responded well, exploring measures to alleviate the fallouts of the economic crisis, I would hope Singapore parents could explain to our youths on the implications of this global economic crisis too.

Many of the times, I notice at void decks, some youths would always seem to gather, loitering around, hanging around, doing NOTHING! Or nothing constructive. It is a sure waste of one’s precious time!

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