Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Everyone wants to be healthy, but not all of us are born healthy. Health, which seems like a right may thus be a privilege.

Life seems remote and long for those who are not born healthy and it is taxing monetarily and physically for parents of less healthy kids in raising them up.

But overall these kids are their own flesh and blood and once they bring them to the world, they have the onus to take care of them.

Some parents may be caught in a dilemma when a pregnacy screening reveals their foetus will not be normal. The choice for them to make is whether to bring their baby to the world or not.

By not bringing their kid to the world and choosing to abort, it is cruel as it is akin to ending a precious life!

But by bringing their kid to the world, they have to contend with a life of intense caring for their kid, physically, mentally and monetarily exhausted to provide special care for the kid. The kid may also be subject to a life of discrimination and mocking by their able counterparts.

The parents of the less healthy children may be willing to care for them during their lifetimes but when they themselves become old, they worry about who would take care of their kid when they are gone.

On the other hand, very often, we see very healthy kids, very often, hanging around in the void decks, wasting their time, engaging in stupid conducts, not realising how lucky they are for they are blessed with good health.

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