Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Southern Ridges

Part 4 : Henderson Waves

As mentioned earlier in the previous related posts, the whole of the Southern Ridges trail is dotted with signages indicating the various landmarks of the trail. However for once or twice, the signages indicating to Henderson Waves from Mount Faber grow wanting, thus it becomes challenging for my Dear and I to navigate our way out of Mount Faber as the thought of whether we have chosen the correct path to take us to Henderson Waves constantly filled us.

We went down a slope, where the signage 'To Telok Blangah' pointed, we passed a structure which in my opinion, might be a foreign embassy undergoing some renovation works.

Going down, we saw the signage as follows:

and we knew that we were on the right track. Minutes later, we were greeted by a structure:

and there it was: Henderson Waves!

We were at Henderson Waves finally, the first time for both of us ! The view from the Henderson Waves bridge is breathtaking as it is a bridge suspended at a great height.

The bridge offers very spacious standing room, with comfortable seats scattered at intervals,

but it was unsettling to sit on them as there were quite some monkeys around, strutting their stuff, posting to be photographed, occasionally grimacing, looking threatening! One monkey, to the horror of other 'spectators' and I, actually urined in front of us! What a Sight!

Before venturing off to the next stop on the Southern Ridges trail: Hilltop walk, we rested on some resting benches at the end of the Henderson Waves trail. There was an information counter and two vending machines dispensing canned drinks at quite a price. It pays to be equiped with your own litres of water.

After a brief rest, we set off for the Hilltop walk.

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