Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Vivocity rooftop

I love the rooftop of Vivocity ... at night!
On it sits a performance stage which come alives at times, indulging the senses of the audience.
At night, the rooftop becomes a microism of the community: the young and old, toddlers and kids who play in the pool, married couples, passionate lovers and boisterous students.
The view from the rooftop towards Sentosa and the seas is magnificiently stunning and alluring. With the cool sea breezes greeting you, you will be excused for spending an hour or more, doing nothing much on the rooftop, just simply relaxing your mind and soul, partaking in the breathtaking scenary around you, observing the buzz of activity around you and sometimes there is some jazz music emanating from the radios of some.... while time seems to come to a crawl.
It is an extremely nice place one to relax his mind, for lovers to talk (Singapore is full of crowded and unrelentingly noisy shopping places) and for one, to sit solo, to brainstorm that one idea, that will bring him to greater heights in life!

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