Thursday, October 23, 2008

Busy as Bee

The story for today is short: I am Busy the whole of this week and just come back from my commitments and will not be sleeping anytime soon cos still got lots of things to do.

In Life, I have lots of committments in many aspects of life, but I am always humbled by some whom I know have even many committements with heavier responsibilities in life.. they are successful in life: work, family, community,health.... and these are the exemplars of life I aspire to be.

And one of my committement is blogging, one of my favorite pastimes too, thus even though I am now seriously running short of time: tomorrow got important matters to settle, here I am, still blogging some sentences here and there.

Sorry, I will not be describing to you the Alexandra Arch here tonight because I am going off now.. trying to rush off some work and capping off with a major week soon.... on Saturday... haiz weekends are also busy too...


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