Sunday, October 19, 2008

Southern Ridges

Part 2: Marang Trail

Getting to the Southern Ridges is a cinch as the whole journey, 9 km in all is dotted with informative and useful signages, serving as invaluable indicators to the places which you intend to explore.

To began your long trek, please bring few litres of water as it is going to get hot and humid and the journey is long and unrelenting. The best time to do so would be around 3.3o pm, that is the time I set off for my first trek to the Southern Ridges. One can complete the trek in a matter of 3 to 4 hours for average pace, or within an hour for joggers.. it all depends on how fast you walk and how slow you want to let your paces down in order to enjoy the beautiful scenary, landscape and animals!

So if one were to start his trek at 3.3.0 pm presumably, one would end the whole trek latest by 8 pm, ending up at Kent Ridge Park.

Okay enough information for the time being, to start off this long but nevertheless rewarding trek, drop off at Harborfront MRT station exit D, walk a few steps more and you will be greeted with a sign:

and that is it, you are on the right track towards the exciting trail! The pavement looks normal and innocous enough except for the sign encarved on the beginning of the pavement, and yes it is Marang trail, the every first part of the place of the southern ridges trail to be tamed:

walking 1 minute later, you will see flights of stairs:
you overcame it, only to find another even longer flight of stairs:

and then it goes on and on for some minutes and you realising taming the Marang trail of the Southern Ridges trail entails one to develop good leg muscles to weather the stairs after stairs.....but one would be rewarded for after overcoming Marang trail, you would land up at the top of Mount Faber, partaking in the magnificent view of the sea and the surrounding:
where can you find such a view: modern skyscrapers nestled amidst the lush vegetation?

Stay tuned to the sequels to this post as we further explore what is on top of Mount Faber and the other icons of the Southern Ridges!

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