Thursday, October 02, 2008

Kiasu Singaporeans !

This morning before work, I went to update my bank account book from an automated bank book updating machine.

Long queues formed at the machine though it was still early at that time: 7 a.m.

No choice, I decided to try my luck after work.

6.30 p.m, I returned to the machine after work.

To my horror, the queues which formed were even longer!

My gosh! On an ordinary day, these updating machines saw no more than 3 people at any time, whats the occasion today?

Then it dawned on me that these Singaporeans are updating their account to check for the Growth Dividend that the Government is giving to many. to offset the effects of inflation.

No wonder they were so kiasu, behaving a though they were afraid the government will not pay them!

Relax ba, Singaporeans, you will get your dues, please don't jam the updating machines else the updating machines will run out of ink and you will not see any amount on your bankbook after updating and you will get the shock of your life which harms your health!

I do not know why I am talking rot at this moment, must be very tired of Singaporeans showing their Kiasu side everytime.

Haiz, typical Singaporeans!


Anonymous said...

Kiasu? Now that's abstract, to me anyway. Is that a Chinese or Malay word?

Singapore Short Stories said...

Kiasu is a English name for Hokkien (Chinese dialect word). It means 'scared to lose'.

Kia: (the sound in Hokkien) means scared.

su:(the sound in Hokkien) means lose.

Hope now its clearer to you :)

Kiasu is Singlish at its Best and is a unique term characteristic of Singaporeans

Anonymous said...

Hehe. I´m scared of losing, too. But not that scared.

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