Thursday, October 02, 2008

Slaves to technology

Man is becoming a slave to technology.

When the seemingly omnipotent handphone or Ipod crashes, his emotion as well as his world seems to fall apart too.

Man is enslaved by newfangled devices of technology and the hottest tech thing in Singapore now is I-phone.

What is I-phone? I do not know as I do not use it and I think I would not be using it. There seems no need for me to use yet another ‘wonderful gadget’ of our times.

Frankly speaking, I believe in our quest to embrace technology, we should only focus on what we need, rather than what we want.

Advertisers and businesses sell not the idea of the latest IT product to you, they sell you the idea that these super-tech products will add that ‘glam’, that ‘wow’ factor in your lives, your lives will hence be ‘upgraded’, be elevated into the ‘haves’ with a superior social status in life.

Buy these gadgets and you will only spend more in their maintenance and repair, and in the process, spending precious time.

So who will have the last laugh? You or the businesses?

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