Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Major revamp of my website

Shortly after the recent revamp of my website, I carried out another major revamp of my website yesterday.

The revamp stemmed from having successfully overcome the previous few bugs inside the html code as well as those inside the blogging platform.

I picked up REAL blogging knowledge not too long ago and am still in the learning phase. Myriads of trials and practices after errors and lots of research carried out regularly on the internet do really help. It takes time to understand the thousands of blogging mechanisms, gadgets, widgets, language, html, xml, etc… and troubleshooting, learning from past failures.

I do applaud Google’s Blogger’s new xml template which offers tons of more exciting features than its classical template though I have not tried the other as-highly acclaimed wordpress blog.

As appealing, interesting and exciting the widgets and features of a blog can be, these are just external ‘cosmetics’. The true inherent quality of a website lies in its content which is also the overriding factor in attraction and retention of readers.

The internet can be the world’s best teacher as I learnt so much about blogging and other things from it. The internet can be the world’s worst teacher if one uses it wrongly. Internet is, at its fundamentals, a double-edged sword.

Blog is one of the best inventions around. With blogs, everyone is an author and the world, his readers. One can expand his horizon by reading really good blogs out there in the blogosphere.

Knowing how to use Blogger is crucial to elevating the fun and excitement of blogging to another level.

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