Saturday, October 18, 2008

Southern Ridges

My Dear and I trekked from 3.30 pm to 7.30 pm on this serendipitous afternoon, 8 to 9km of the trail of the Southern Ridges, which includes the following: Marang Trail, Jewel Box, Faber Walk, Henderson Waves, Hilltop Walk,Forest Walk,Alexandra Arch,Hort Park and Flora Walk.
The trek was really refreshing to our mind, body and soul... not to mention what a good workout it provides! The whole trail is really very scenic and interesting! and full of twists, turns and surprises!

I cannot help but marvel at the excellent plan of land use by the Singapore Government! Singapore is such a small island, yet we can have such great natural wonders as the Southern Ridges, a mini-European county in Clarke Quay, great places of interests, wonderful parks and places of interests, rustic charms in Kranj Countryside, marvellous shopping belts and many more! (see my label for places for some of the interesting places in this little island that I have visited)

Some Singaporeans say there is nothing much to do and see besides window shopping in Singapore but I would like to prove them wrong! I would like all Singaporeans to really discover our little island for there are really tons of great places to relax, explore and discover! Some places of interests are free, while others are not, but they offer Singaporeans great places to bond with their loved ones and to enrich their lives!

And not to forget, besides the myriad choices of interesting and happening places in Singapore, there are also events and 'festivals' coming up: F1, Heritage Fest, Museum Open House, Arts Festival, The Biennale, Food Festival, Learning Festival, Clean and Green Week, and many many more!

I applaud the Singapore government for creating such a nice, orderly and wholesome place called home where there are so much to anticipate for the average Singaporeans! Definitely, at times not all policies are popular for Singaporeans and there may be some about-turns at times in policies, but nevertheless, I can say Singapore has provided SO MUCH to all.

Do tune in to the sequels to this post, where I will share with all the fun, excitement and discovery of each of the places I visited along the exciting and rewarding trail!

I am going to sleep is such a rewarding trail!

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