Saturday, October 11, 2008


This afternoon, I had my maiden attempt in archery.

I was quite apprehensive as the bow and arrows looked intimidating to me, a non-player and first timer.

Coaches were by our sides to guide us through the rudimentals of the sports and with enough practices, I began to hit the high-scoring areas of the target boards with increasing frequency.

Only after having gone through the game did I know that strectching the line of the bow 'all the way' is almost a prerequisite and to add to this point, is the need to have one's fist holding the bow line touching a part of your cheek in order to aim accurately and steadily.

At the end of the day, surprisingly it was my hand which held the bow that tired more (as I have prior to playing the game though that it was the other ). But it was logical, the hand which holds the bow has to exert more strength to counteract the pulling tension of the other.

I am not an excellent arrow-shooter, both in games and in worlds. I delegate in work (if need be) and not 'shoot arrows'.

There is only a thin thread which separates 'arrow-shooting' and delegation.

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