Wednesday, October 08, 2008

All round check

It is lunch hour on a busy work day.

You and your friends have spent 10 minutes or so, searching for the coveted seats amidst the thronging crowds of eaters in the food centre.

Once the seats have been snagged, another couple of minutes are spent as you and your friend took turns to 'chop' the seat and to buy the food.

Finally, after another couple of minutes waiting in line for the food at your favorite stall, your steaming lunch is ready and you carry it to join your friends at the dining table.

All the while when you are having your chatting with your friends and partaking in your meal, the sea of eaters just stream past you in this busy food centre. You do not mind the occasional brush of the eaters against you when suddenly you heard a loud sneeze or cough and you looked up from your seat to trace the source of it, only to find out that a man walking just past you have coughed or sneezed right into or near to your plate.

There goes your lunch. Do you still dare to eat it? Or what would you do next?

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