Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Worst Sugarcane Drink ever drank !!!

Yesterday, I visited the Geylang Serai area and soaked in the festive mood of Hari Raya Puasa amidst the dazzling arrays of lighting.

Thereafter, I proceeded to have dinner at the popular Haig Road market that was when my lovely night-out was botched.

I ordered splendid dishes for dinner and to accompany the food, I ordered a sugarcane drink from a stall located near to the edge of the market, which displayed some cut-sugarcanes soaked in a pail in front of the stall. The stall also sold an assortment of other drinks. Thinking the stall sells natural sugarcane drink, I ordered one cup for $1.50. A decent price for a wholesome natural sugarcane drink, I thought.

When the drink came, I immediately set upon it and to my utmost disgust, the sugarcane drink was hardly any sugarcane juice as promised! It was hardly even a diluted form of sugarcane drink! The colour of the drink was yellow, I observed and it was not even any drink that I could think of from the flavour that I have absorbed!

I felt horribly disgusted and my poor girlfriend with me developed such a terrible stomache after just a sip of the digusting liquid that she has to visit a loo soon after our dinner (in fact, she did not have much dinner as her appetite was spoilt after drinking that filthy liquid!).

I am not a confrontational person and I did not want to go up to the stall and asked them what this drink was really. To me, it was the WORST RUBBISH SEWAGE FLITHY LIQUID DISGUISED AS THE POPULAR SUGARCANE JUICE ! To pay $1.50 for such sewage water is madness, is a total waste of money!

I walked up to the stall again and took down the name of the stall. This drink stall would be BANNED for me. I could give the name of the stall to the relevant authorities to look into, but I do not want to tarnish their stupid business as people still have to earn a living no matter what and consumers would never go back to the stall if they experience similar encounter as me, "once bitten, twice shy" mentality.

What I could do is to sound an alert to those reading this post.

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