Thursday, October 30, 2008

Singapore Natural

Of late, I have developed an affinity with the natural attractions of Singapore, visiting the Southern Ridges and the Treetop walk in Macritchie Reserves both within a span of one month.

I am not sure whether this affinity arose due to the need to seek solace from the increasing stress in the society, which was made even worse by the current economic crisis or it just developed naturally.

Since young, I have always like the beaches: East Coast Park, Changi Beach and Pasir Ris Park, all situated in the east. Living in the east of this island, these are green perks, which residents in other areas would only envy.

After every visit to the parks and natural attractions, I feel refreshed and rejuvenated, ready enough to face the onslaught of the challenges of the coming weeks.

The NParks Guide offers a list and description of all the natural parks and attractions in Singapore. Looking at the guide, I felt ashamed as well as happy: ashamed for not knowing and visiting the so many different parks in our island, happy for knowing that there would be so many different natural places for me to explore in future!

It is incredible that Singapore has packed so many natural and manmade wonders all inside our little island. The throngs of visitors to shopping centres on weekends are always mind-boggling and on the other hand, there are not many Singaporeans who frequent the natural reserves.

I believe it is a good thing that not many Singaporeans actually explore the natural reserves else these reserves would become ‘dumping grounds’ and their natural charms and serenity would be eroded by the mass intervention of human.


Anonymous said...

It is nice actually to take a walk along the beach sometimes to relax and enjoy the breeze. The breeze seems nicer in Hong Kong though when I went there that time. Anyway just attended a beach wedding recently also.

Sgfoodlover from Singapore favourite food

Singapore Short Stories said...

Bigger countries may have better natural scenary. Singapore, though small is able to carve out some really nice man-made scenary. It is admirable!

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