Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Steamboat enclave

I have never been to Geylang for a long time. Just few hours ago, I was at Geylang, the part near to Kallang MRT station for some work.

It was dinner time, feeling the hunger pangs in me, I walked around to locate a food centre but I was astonished to see that what greeted me was steamboat buffet restaurants one after another as I walked from one end of the road to near the middle of the long road.

In essence, a 'Steamboat' enclave has been carved out of the Geylang landscape and most of these steamboat food centres were operated by mainland China chinese (if I am not wrong, as heavily-China-language-accented waitors beckon me to dine in at their restaurants along my walk).

If my surmise on the nationalities of the owners of the many steamboat cateries there was correct, then foreigners in Singapore have not only had an influence of the cosmopolitian mix of our population, but they could also shape places.

Foreigners can shape place and people of the locals but their impact on our culture is minimal as the locals form the majority of the population here afterall.

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