Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Former Opposition MP JBJ Dies

Former Opposition MP Jeyaretnam passed away at the age of 82 yesterday morning due to heart attack.

Jeyaretnam was without a doubt, one of the most veteran opposition leaders around, campaigning under the Worker’s Party, which David Marshall had founded, and lately under the Singapore Reform Party, which he personally founded just recently in July 08.

Jeyaretnam has always been a vocal and unyielding opposition leader who did not mince his words or pull any punch. Recently, he has tried to raise the issue of a by-election in the ward vacated by the late Dr. Ong Chit Chung.

Sad to say, the Opposition parties in Singapore do not really have anything that is constructive to offer to Singapore though I do believe that those elected opposition members do have some rapport with the residents in their constituencies and do their work to improve their constituencies.

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