Saturday, October 04, 2008

Jay walking

I was in the city today and the moment I saw two traffic policemen stationed next to their motorbikes at the traffic crossing besides Peninsula Plaza, I know many Singaporeans would be 'caught' by them later.

True to my words, within seconds of my realisations, they have beckoned (a woman who had started to jaywalk) towards them and issued her with a document. Seconds later, another Singaporean was 'booked' and there seems to be a continous stream of jaywalkers being caught off-guard later by the traffic policemen and being 'summoned.'

Singaporeans seem to get used to jaywalking so much so that they do not realise that it is an offence! Only when they are being caught and fined, reality will then sink in.

Jaywalking, I believe is a more common offence than littering.

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