Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I am also a victim!

The economic tsunamis which has plagued the West, Europe and Asian has finally caught up with me.

I was not spared either as the values of the stocks I bought tumbled from the inital offering price of $1 all the way to today's $0.40; my paper loss was significant.

The stock which I bought has not performed well since its inception, tumbling down to $0.70 against the backdrop of the US sub-prime crisis last year. To fall to $0.40 is something I have never never expect when I bought the shares..but such rock-bottom price is not shocking in this economic 'disaster' of such astounding magnitude.

Price may head south again.. though good news sprang from many stock markets today as stock indices rebounded as a result of the intervention or rather synergy of governmental efforts across countries to stem the economic crisis.

The stocks which I hold may whittle down in value still .... .... haiz

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