Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Blogger Templates

In the past, Blogger blogs had only the ‘Classic’ template which limits the designs and functions that blogs can have.

But since Blogger introduced the ‘Layout’ templates, with myriads of widgets and gadgets and ease of a ‘click and drag’ user interface, bloggers can add unlimited interactiveness, appeal and fun to their blogs.

Bloggers wishing to switch from the ‘Classical’ template to ‘Layout’ could do so easily using the UPGRADE YOUR TEMPLATE button under ‘Template’ -> ‘Customise Design’But somehow, this critical button towards oodles of fun and interactiveness of the new templates may be missing for a number of bloggers. Without this button, it seems almost impossible to add that ‘wow’ factor into your blog.

Luckily, help in on hand. With the following steps, one would be able to upgrade to the ‘hype’ template:

1. Find your BlogID Number by clicking the ‘New Post’ button on Dashboard under the title of the blog you want to upgrade to Layouts. The address bar will look something like this:http://www.blogger.com/post-create.g?blogID=BIG_NUMBER
2. Copy the BIG_NUMBER at the end of the address.
3. Login at Blogger.com if you have not logged in and paste in the address bar the following:http://www.blogger.com/customize-template-choose.g?blogID=BIG_NUMBER&templateName=Minima
The BIG_NUMBER is the BlogID Number you copied in Step 2.
Hit Enter key on keyboard and selected your desired upgraded template.

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