Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Are modern book stores turning into libraries?

I like to browse the tomes of crisp, freshly-baked new books at the modern bookstores scattered throughout the island, like the MPH, Kinokuniya, Times and Borders.

Though I frequent the libraries often too, these classic, trendy and hip book stores offer to readers an unparralleled collection of new books, which are often heavily reserved in the libraries thus it is competitive to borrow these new titles at the libraries.

These book stores are often littered with scores of readers, young and old, who spend their leisure time on weekends reading the freshiest titles available, rather than purchasing them from the stores.

And these stores become modern libraries, offering a place for readers to read, rather as shops selling these titles.

Books nourish the mind, are food for the soul. I may understand why few would buy books: most books are not that cheap and often once a book is read, it is hardly read again.


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Singapore Short Stories said...

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