Thursday, October 23, 2008

Southern Ridges

Part 5: Hilltop Walk and Forest Walk

After the stint at the Henderson Waves, it is just natural to proceed to the next attraction on the Southern Ridges trails.. which is the Hilltop Walk.

To bear justice to its name, the Hilltop walk is really a walk down the hill not along the contours of the hill definitely, for it is suicidal to walk down the hill in such a manner! In actual, it is a descent down the hill via metallic steel bridges which zigzag down in a magnificent manner, forming a colossal art piece, carrying people, strollers and joggers amidst the natural landscape.

Once you reach the equilibrium, zero degreee, you are at the starting of the Forest Walk. In fact, since the Forest Walk is also to be made via the metallic bridges seamlessly connected to those of the Hilltop Walk, for once, I thought the whole combination of both bridges is just the Hilltop Walk.

But it is not, and the logic is simple, metallic bridges down the hill: Hilltop Walk, metallic bridge along the forest: Forest Walk, it is just simple as that.

And after the Forest Walk, the attraction will be Alexandra Arch. At this time in writing, I wonder why the attraction is named as Alexandra Arch... is the structure shaped like the arch of a bow carried by Alexandra the Great? I googled for the word 'Alexandra Arch' but was greeted with the name of this Singapore bridge only, thus Alexandra Arch may not be something that is passed down from legend or myth but a term coined by some smart Singapore Alex(andra).

Can anyone tell me why it is called Alexandra Arch and not Noah Arc(h)?

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