Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Another Cyclist Killed on Road!

I watched the Channel U news just now and was shocked to learn of a woman cyclist being killed by a SBS bus!
This accident once again attests to what I have pointed out in my earlier blog that the motorists of today in Singapore are becoming more and more reckless.
As a cyclist, everytime I dismount the bicycle to cross the junction and pedestrian crossing and give ample signals for the ongoing traffic to stop, some cars or others would just zoom by still, without any inkling of care for me.
Even as a pedestrian, just some weeks ago, I was so shocked when other passerbys and I were crossing the traffic junction with the 'Green Man' on when a car refused to stop and accelerated past us, just tens of centimetres away from us. Many of the pedestrians were soon cursing at this reckless motorist.
Those motorists who killed the innocent due to their reckless driving should not be only jailed, they should be caned and put away in jail for a long long time. They are akin to murderers for taking precious human lives.

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