Saturday, December 20, 2008

Loud Hailer (colleagues)

In work, we will bound to have some loud hailer colleagues, colleagues whose normal voice volume is so loud (though they do not realise it themselves).
Sometimes, you need to speak to them about some confidential issues in their cubicles and when they start to reply to you and make known to the world some of the things you have told them by repeating some of your questions, you will nearly faint! I encountered this before and so I know better.
Recently, another loud hailer colleague came to my office to collect the donations we have bided to charity.
"Clift, you have donated $100, I have come to collect from you." This loud hailer colleague told Clift.
'Sean, you have donated $2 to charity, I have come to collect from you', the loud hailer told Sean when he went to his cubicle.
I almost fainted on hearing the loud-hailer's words to Sean. Imagine the whole world knowing Sean donating $2 for charity! I know Sean is just doing a part, what matters is the heart for charity and not the amount but nonetheless some colleagues would just think Sean is a 'cheapskate' donating a mere $2 for charity.

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