Monday, December 08, 2008

Giant Milo-Peng

It is December now, a month when many Singaporeans clear leave. For today, the mighty source of life, the Sun, took one day of leave in Singapore. His 1-day of leave spelt great implications for Singapore and her citizens.
I woke up late and I presume many Singaporeans did so today, including our Malay counterparts today who need to visit their relatives as today is Hari Raya Haji, a public holiday here.
The temperature throughout the day is between 24 degree to 28 degree celsius, oblivating the need for me to switch on the fans at my home, saving electricity consumption. It must be the same for other Singaporeans too who could switch off their air-conditioners for a day, without being baked in the usual sweltering and unrelentless heat. If Singapore could have today's weather everyday, we could save lots of dosmetic electricity consumption!
Singapore is like a big air-con today, everywhere is cool and raining throughout the day. It is not thunderstorm rain, it is monsoon rain, the rain which lends a feel of Christmas in December every year.
I feel so cosy at home with the weather being cool and comfortable, nevertheless, I still managed to sneak out of home in order not to 'waste' a public holiday.
I went to Raffles Place to Singapore River and I was so surprised that Singapore River has become a giant 'Milo-Peng' (Hokkien word for iced Milo) instead of the usual sparkling clean water:

The bumboats ferrying tourists still made their round today although it was drizzling. Tourists were still snapping photos of the river and the vicinity, though they might be surprised at the colour of the Singapore River today!

I did not go over to the Merlion. It would be interesting if the Merlion was also spouting out Milo!


Anonymous said...

I lost track of Sg's public holdays unless my family n friends reminded me, which they didnt :-[ I was wondering what TODAY meant by Press Holiday when I logged on to read .. thought it was a newly acclaimed holiday .. haha.

Merlion spouting Milo could be quite a sight ! The rain must hv been heavy to hv the river churned to that colour ?

Ah yes .. I like Sg best when it rains .. at least part of the day to cool the temp down.

Singapore Short Stories said...

yes the rain was heavy and last long.

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