Sunday, December 21, 2008

top 50 most beautiful people in china

Is Beauty skin deep?
China has released its list of the 50 most beautiful people in China. Without any surprise, most of them are popular artistes that we know of.
In this list, men and women are concurrently ranked in a list.. validating the use of the word 'people' for the title of this list.
Female, the fairer sex tops this list with Zhang Zi Yi leading the pack. Whether or not, these are the really top 50 most beautiful people in China is objectionable as different people have different perceptions.
To me, the definition of beauty is not just skin-deep, it is in the heart... the beauty of the heart.
Skin -deep beauty will not last...soon skin will sag, hair will recede, wrinkles form and aliments come. But inner beauty is everlasting!
Here is the list of the most beautiful people in China:
1. Zhang Zi Yi
2. Tony Leung
3. Zhou Xun
4. Zhang Han Yu
5. Guo Jing Jing
6. Li Bing Bing
7. Zhang Guo Li
8. Zhao Wei
9. Sun Hong Lei
10. Zhang Yu Qi
11. Tong Da Wei
12. Fan Bing Bing
13. Jiang Wen Li
14. Jackie Chan
15. Jet Li
16. Gui Lun Mei
17. Chen Qi Zhen
18. Donnie Yen
19. Tang Wei
20. Eason Chen
21. Chiling Lin
22. Gao Yuan Yuan
23. Andy Lau
24. Zhao Pu
25. Ge You
26. Maggie Cheung
27. Big S (Barbie)
28. Chen Kun
29. Liu Ye
30. Lu Yi
31. Shen Bing
32. Liu Yi Fei
33. Han Geng
34. Duan Yi Hong
35. Wang Luo Dan
36. Takeshi Kaneshiro
37. Nicholas Tse
38. Cai Guo Qiang
39. Ma Wei Du
40. Zhang Xuan
41. Sun Li
42. Wang Bao Qiang
43. Yuan Quan
44. Chen Guo Kun
45. Shu Qi
46. Li Chen
47. Wu Qing Feng
48. Li Yu Chun
49. Peng Lei
50. Muo Xiao Q
Anyway, I do not like these kind of rankings as what use is this ranking to us? It is just something recreational that we read and forget! How can one say one, e.g. Zhang Zi Yi is the most beautiful people in China? it always debatable and subject to each and everyone's opinion.
Back in Singapore, Singapore has its own FHM list of most beautiful people too, all this are just a hype in this materialistic world!
Gong Li might be missing in this year's list as she has become a Singaporean already.

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