Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Reflections …

It is just 20 odd hours and counting (down) to a brand new year 2009!

At the end of every year, I am flooded with mixed feelings.

Somehow I do feel sad that another year is going to pass … it is like the end of a race, an anticlimax: celebrating all the festive seasons, the bulk of them falling in the latter half of the year, particularly the recent two months; then the year just comes to an abrupt end while we are still caught in a binge of celebration, joyfulness and merry-making! I do find it indeed shocking to wake up two days later only to find myself in the realm and domain of a brand new year. Such a realization takes some hours to sink in my head as I get to acknowledge all the fun, joys, mistakes, good and bad experiences in the preceding year are all over; it is time to charge and gear up for the brand new year!

Associated with this newfound attitude which must also have inundated many is the buzzword, ‘resolution’, a term, which comes up the most frequently on our lips and minds on the cusp of a new year. Surprisingly, resolutions can be set at any time, at any place of a year, but it is apparent many are more motivated to set resolutions at the beginning of a new year and to measure the success of their goals at the end of the year.

This brings to mind another common buzzword during this period of the year: ‘reflections’. “What have you achieved for the year?” This question is daunting to some if they have not achieved the goals they set for year 2008. Well, this guilty feeling can be ‘exonerated’ if one has at least tried to achieve these goals; the worst reason for not achieving is procrastination.

Looking back over the ‘expiring’ year, I have made some strides in some areas but regrettably; I have made no advancement in others though I have put in great efforts. SOME circumstances were beyond my control, honestly speaking and these circumstances diminish all my efforts to zero.

When results do not commensurate with the efforts put in, many will feel demoralized give up, and call it quit. It takes guts and determination to keep going at one’s goals; thus I am not calling it quits for those goals not achieved this year; I will still aim and strike for them for the coming year and keep trying till I attain the success which has eluded me till far!

Year 2008 was a year when many have it worse … all thanks to the US economic fallouts, now this crisis has taken an unprecedented global impact, and expected to cause disproportionate damages to the economy and lives in year 2009.

Year 2009 will be a challenging year against the backdrop of the global financial meltdown. Singaporeans will be keenly anticipating the January 2009 financial budget to know what the plans of the Singapore government are, to help ordinary folks like me to cushion the negative impacts of recession.

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