Saturday, December 06, 2008


I have my second attempt at archery today.
It was fun firing arrows right into the target boards!
Archery uses a different arm muscle for which I do not really train, thus my arm muscles do feel strained after the archery stint.
I have the great opportunity to learn from the top professionals on this island on the fine pointers of archery and what impresses me most was the amicable and approachable demeanour of these top shooters of this island. We become friends and chatting buddies shortly.
The shooting skills of these top national players are unparralled.. just look at the picture above, and you can marvel at the preciseness and accuracy of their shooting.
My shooting can still be improved further as I have only shot for 2 times in my life before.
Shooting arrows is much fun than shooting rifles in National Service. I can still remember Orlando Bloom pumping arrows in such fashion and style at all the villains in the movie, Lord of the Ring.
Instead, 'arrows' are normally shot in office for some... for others these 'arrows' mean career growth opportunities


Anonymous said...

I thought u meant darts bec an arrow would be much longer ?

My dutch BIL took archery as a hobby n the bow is heavy. Together with the arrow it became a lethal weapon. He often envisioned himself shooting game n fowls for food but it's illegal here.

Singapore Short Stories said...

oh i see, Dutchie, it is quite dangerous if he really carries out the shooting...

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